miercuri, 15 iulie 2009

Croatia 2009

This blog story will be entirely written in English as my Croatian friend, Renata Susa (Colliers Zagreb), to understand how fascinated I was with her country :) Thanks, Renata, for all the recommendations! Looking forward to seeing you!

Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik. (Bernard Shaw).

My last feelings of visiting special places are closed connected to my photo camera (Pentax K20), my best friend in such occasions. Through its lenses, I seek to transform my emotions into memories, to find out the spirit of the people as well as the life of the city, I lose myself into these, searching to discover part of me and part of ancient or medieval history.

Not very hard to find such things in Dubrovnik, medieval town-pearl of South Dalmatia, a town of museums and festivals, the town of taverns and restaurants, the place of a mild Mediterranean climate and wonderful landscapes.
The marble streets of Dubrovnik are lined with baroque buildings punctuated by beautifully sculpted Renaissance fountains and facades.
In the 17th century (1667), Ragusa (the old name of Dubrovnik – and also the name of our first trip boat) suffered a massive earthquake which turned the city into scraps. In addition to all these, 1991 brought war time and transformed the citadel into a battle field. Somehow, it’s incredibly amazing how well preserved is everything, including repairs entirely into the same architectural style.

So I lost myself into the streets of old city searching for the old town spirit, hanging around the small narrow passages, on the city walls and waiting for my favourite part of the day, the “magic hour” of the sunset. And indeed, I never lived such sunset atmosphere never in my life prior to the Dalmatian Coast trip.

We spent three nights in Camp Solitudo (two at the beginning of our trip and one at the end) and we highly recommend this camp, excellent services, 460Kuna (65Eur – 4 persons, one car, two tents), hot water, power supply, hot spot, etc. No charge for arriving after 2am into the night :), so we actually have been charged only for one night.

Camping Dubrovnik Solitudo Contact Info:
Camping Solitudo*** Reservation centre • tel +385 20 448 249
camping-dubrovnik@valamar.com • fax +385 20 435 622 web: http://www.camping-adriatic.com/

Our road to Croatia, passing through Serbia & Bosnia Herzegovina, was not as smooth as I previously thought, long waving sinuous way into the mountains, with two “speed exceed” tickets and three more passport control :). We reached Dubrobnik at 2am, mounting our tents near a funny hedgehog couple trying to mate. Next entire day was a beautiful walk through the citadel, as told you before...

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If you expected some usual resting holiday, don’t try our trip :) It was nice, funny, unpredictable, unplanned and affordable (around Eur550/person without feeling of missing anything)...for special details, give me a mail or a lemonade (I don’t drink coffee :) ) and I will tell you much more. I won’t bother you with boring details such as “what to visit/when visit ” as the internet is full of such details. Just hang around with a car and stop where you think might enjoy you...don’t waste too much time in commercial areas, as this country has much more to give in small villages next to the coast, meet people and ask about places, try fantastic fish food in hidden taverns and make it memorable!:) We did!